Maurice Pritchet, Sr. is a highly-regarded and well-recognized education and community leader who has worked tirelessly for change in the City of Wilmington, Delaware. Reared on the east side of that City, Mr. Pritchett received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education from Delaware State University in 1965 and his Master’s Degree in Educational Administration in 1974.

Mr. Pritchett’s distinguished career as an educational leader and change agent includes serving diverse needs in Cecil County School District (Elkton, MD), and ultimately in the urban setting in which he had grown up: Wilmington, Delaware. He taught at the Elbert School there and subsequently served as Community School Director at the Bancroft School of Wilmington— the very school he had attended as an elementary student. Upon earning his M.A. in 1974, Mr. Pritchett assumed the duties of Vice-Principal of Bancroft Elementary and later went on to serve as this urban school’s Principal for over thirty years. While serving as Principal, he developed educational programs and strategies specifically focused on meeting the needs of Wilmington students- often in collaboration with teachers who had taught him during his own childhood years.

Mr. Pritchett attributes much of his success to those who mentored him during his tough childhood in a difficult city. He names for example Nathan “Doc” Hill, a community leader at the local YMCA, as a man instrumental in awakening in him a desire to learn—and to make a difference in the lives of others. He points out that Doc Hill ingrained in him as a child an understanding that it does take a village to change the lives of children, and he stresses that no child achieves academically without the support—and reasoned expectations—of the adults in his or her life.

During his many years of service to urban neighborhoods and schools, Mr. Pritchett has received multiple honors, accolades and civic awards. Notably, he has been honored as the State of Delaware’s National Distinguished Principal, and was nationally recognized by United States Secretary of Education Richard W. Riley while serving as Principal of the Bancroft School.

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